Swiss Members:

Hello my name is Christoph (Chris) HB9ELV, I was born in 1984. I live very far away from big cities so no neighbours for 1km in the Northern part of Switzerland.
I began my interest in radio in 1998 with CB. In May 2008 I got the HB3 license HB3YTY (100 watt on 160m, 80m, 15m, 10m, 2m, 70cm only). In August 2008 I moved up the HB9 license (135.7-135.8 KHz output 1w) 1Kw on 160m – 10m, 6m 100w, 2m – 23cm 1Kw, 10GHz 100w and 47GHz 10w.
In 2008 I operated in my first CQ WW Contest @ DP4A, in June 2009 I formed/built the Contest club station HB9EE with some friends and I am the President.
I have a Yaesu FT-1000MP with some "BBC Audio" for local QSOs, for DX I use my Yaesu FT-2000D with the DMU-2000 and all MTU's (Micro Tune Unit's for better RXing) with a homemade PA (but not by me). It makes 1kw 🙂 but I do like QRP too, as for my antennas. I do have a lot, as you can read more on entry but the most used is a 8 element Crossed 10m Monoband Yagi and a dipole 2 x 42m long at 30m over the ground.
I like to be in a very big pile ups and it doesn't matter which side of it!!
I hope to meet you all very soon an air!
73 de Chris HB9ELV
(Technical Director)
I was born in 1987 and I started with CB radio when I was younger than 14. I can't remember exactly when. In November 2008 I got my HB9 license. Since Summer 2009 I am active as a member for HB9EE.
Beside electronics and Radio I do sports like Surfing, Skiing or playing Squash.

My equipment is a IC-7700 with a dipole antenna. 2x 18.5 meter long and 11 meter above the ground. More equipment info can be found on My first contest was the CQWW SSB 2009 for HB9EE.

My profession is a Project Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering B.Sc. FHO. I work at the Institute for Communication Systems at "Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil"

Stay tuned...
My name is Peter
I was born in 1984. I began my interest in Radio, at the same time like Chris, with CB.
In May 2009 I got my HB9 license.
I'm member in HB9EE since the founding.
In contests, I operate very rare. Most of time I’m in the background for technical support at HB9EE.
Beside electronics and Radio, I drive old swiss-made Trucks like SAURER.

At home I have a FT-879 with a V-2000 antenna for local QSO’s.
I don’t have an antenna for SW (foolish neighbor).

In my car I installed:
- FT-857 with an ATAS-120 and DIAMOND Motorized Luggage Mount
- IC-2820 (D-STAR) with two antennas like DIAMOND MR77

When i’m on holidays, mostly in Italy, I use a FT-1000MP

I worked first as an electrician, after I have changed to a company who producted Laser-Welding-Machines.
Now I work as a Locomotive driver at the SBB
Silent Key...

Hello my Name is Werner ( Wernie )!
I’m 52 years young and the Secretary of HB9EE

My Radiostory began 1977 with a Handheld STABO Stratofon P12
12 Chanel AM 100mWatt output! CB-Callsign Beni 79.
When I was18 Years young I got the Car-License and after that the first Mobil-
tranceiver, I don’t tell the name, damn good Things. Hi.
Between 1980 and 1987 I lived in Vienna Austria.
There I met my big love Anita and I married her 1987. I was also active in CB when I was in Austria. My callsign was CHARLY-HOTEL.
1988 we went back to Switzerland and I became the CB-Call CHARLY-HOTEL 79
and the SWL-Callsign HE9WQA
In 2009 I made the Newcommerlicense HB3YVW
Two Monts later the HB9EPW.

For Furter Questions visit HB9EPW

Thank you for your interest and I hope we meet us on the Bands

73, Wernie..

Non-Swiss Members:

we don’t have any Members outside of Switzerland.