Our mobile Clubstation (installed and during contest use or special activation only) is located in JN47gn, Eglisau Switzerland  on a hilltop where excellent conditions for DXing  can be found. A 200 meter by 100 meter big grass covered area give enough space for long receive antennas or any other equipment to test or to use, as you can see here on the map below.

Bigger View

The Clubhouse is a rebuilt trailer for HAM Radio operation. The trailer is divided into two rooms. The bigger operation room includes the radio equipment,  meeting desks and of course a coffee machine. The smaller room is used as storage and power room. Since this is a mobile Clubstation, big 12 VDC Battery Packs are placed in this room. As well 230 VAC generators are stored during non-operation in this room. A solid metal frame is welded to the trailer chassis, to have roof access and give a stable antenna tower and antenna  mounting (see picture below)  possibility.

A 12+ meter telescope tower is attached to the metal frame where a 3 element (10m – 15m -20m) Mosley beam is connected. Additional a dipole antenna is used to cover all bands. VHF and UHF equipment can also be installed and used within minutes.

Equipment from members, like 26 meter high 160m verticals, 2 Element 40m beam or similar, are in some cases also used during contest or normal operation of the Clubstation.

Transceiver are available up to the 70 cm band. Mostly a JRC-145 or an ICOM IC-7700 is used during operation. To have access to the internet, Laptops are connected over 3G to the cellphone network. The picture belows shows HB9EPR during CQWW SSB 2009 contest operation in the clubstation.

But of course, coming together and having a BBQ, great discussion and enjoying the nature is always a high priority task of the HB9EE club.