CQWW SSB 2014 Report

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This year we started early with the installation of the antenna and all the other equipment. It seems to be the first contest where we did not have to repair PA’s or antennas or other broken stuff just shortly before the start of the contest – great success 🙂

The plan was to participate in the M/2  category. Unfortunately many operaterors refused our invitation in the last moment. Due to that we decided that every operator that is present, attends in a SOSB (A) category. The goal was to beat as many Swiss record as possible :p

So let’s have a look at the results:

Category:Call:Operator:Station:Operating Time:QSOs:Zones:Countries:Claimed Score:Swiss Record:
10m SOSB (A) HPHB9EEHB9CVQHB9EE18.7147734140629'53277'235
15m SOSB (A) HPHB9ELVHB9ELVHB9ELV21.45120737121389'15429'192
20m SOSB (A) HPHB2THB9EMPHB9EE24.34156732123373'8600 😛
160m SOSB (A) LPHB9FFUHB9FFUHB9ELV5.221575356'2400 :p

Of course the records were not really records, but we pushed the level a bit higher for the future 🙂

Yes also at HB9EE the propagation was outstanding. Endless Pile-Ups on 10m towards USA. Infact I only worked during the day on 20m and as I heard from other competitors, 20m was more open during the night. But even during the day it was more or less good. At least for what you can except if 10m is so open :P.

The equipment did an excellent job. No PA blew up or other things happened. It seems that we have the problems  solved now.

We are also having now a LTE link for the internet and this worked without one interrupt for the whole contest time 🙂

In total we took it not too serious but we were successful for just the few hours of operating 🙂

73’s de HB9EE

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