CQWW WPX SSB 2014 Report

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Last weekend we participated the CQWW WPX 2014 M/2. The goal was  to beat the current M/2 Swiss record. The only problem we got was the amount of  operators. Mostly only three were present. During the whole weekend the following ones were operating:


Since we didn’t have a lot of time before the contest, I was on holiday and Chris was busy unmounting the 3 element for 160m, we decided to operate from the station of Chris, HB9ELV. This limited us of course in the beam direction to SA and also we just had the following antennas.

– Optibeam OB 11-5
– 2x 42m Dipole
– 80m Vertical

Before the contest started we realized that both VL-1000’s were broken again. So we spent four hours to fix them – just finished one hour before it started. :p

The conditions were OK but big pile-up’s were not possible. Additionally it was hard to operate 48h hours with that limited amount of operators. But in general we are pretty happy with the result.

And here the result:

   160     97    1   14     197  2.03
    80    505    5  267    1252  2.48
    40    911    6  224    2123  2.33
    20   1185   19  343    1981  1.67
    15    615    8  213    1116  1.81
    10    345    5  152     747  2.17
 TOTAL   3658   44 1213    7416  2.03
       TOTAL SCORE : 8 995 608
~9 Millions of points is almost 9 times the current record 😛 Ok it was not hard to beat 😉
Thanks for all the points and support.
73’s de HB2T
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2 Responses to CQWW WPX SSB 2014 Report

  1. Don Barnhart says:

    Wow I had 400 and never worked any of those stations. dang my luck.

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