CQWW SSB 2013 Report

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Last weekend we participated the CQWW SSB 2013 M/2. This year the following operators were at HB9EE: HB9ELV, HB9EMP, HB9FIY, HB9CVQ, HB9EOU, HB9HLM, HB9FGO, HB9EFK

We started to build up the stations two weeks before the contest and this year we managed to get everything work 4 hours before the contest started – new record! :-p

Since the propagation forecast looked amazing, the goal was to beat our result of 2011 and maybe even the Swiss record of HB9H in the year 2002.

160m: Deltaloop
80m: Deltaloop
40m: 2 El. Beam at 26m, Dipole
20m: 5 El. Monoband at 12m, Optibeam 9-5 at 12 meter.
15m: 5 El. Monoband at 26m
10m: 7 El. US, 3 El. RA/JA, 3 El. SA
RX: Beverages

TRX Equipment:
Station 1: Yeasu FT-2000, Yaesu VL-1000
Station 2: Yeasu FT-2000D, Yaesu VL-1000
and some filters.

We started on time and everything worked fine. The rates were good and the condition on 15 and 10 meter were excellent. The operators were on time for their shift like a swiss watch 🙂 But then, Murphy arrived on Sunday afternoon. Both VL-1000’s blew up and we lost many points. We had to repair one VL-1000 and the second one we could luckely replace with an Acom 1000. Also the Six-Pack started bitching – this thing is rubbish! Finally in the evening everything was replaced or repaired and we could go back to normal operation 🙂

And here the result:

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  290     9       49
   80:  694    15       67
   40:  767    30       97
   20:  918    36      119
   15: 1404    37      113
   10: 1307    38      119
Total: 5380   165      564  Total Score = 7,759,476

We’ve beaten our score of 2011 but it wasn’t enough for the Swiss record ;-( Congratulations to HB9H for their excellent score in M/S!

We are already planning the 160m CQWW contest – it will be big 😉

Thanks for all the support and the points.
73’s de HB9EE

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1 Response to CQWW SSB 2013 Report

  1. Marco HB9CAT says:

    Congrats on the good result, considering the propagation conditions it must have been a fun weekend.
    On the other hand glad to know that our record survived 😉
    73’s de Marco HB9CAT

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