CQWW 160m SSB 2013 Report

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The last weekend HB9ELV and I HB9EMP participated the 2013 CQWW 160m SSB contest with the call HB9EE. As the last two years we were operating from the QTH of HB9ELV, since the temperatures were too cold to use the clubstation.

The propagations were way better then the last year, especially the first night we could log many US stations. The second night was worse, just a few oversea stations were logged, the participation in general wasn’t as high as the years before.

During the whole contest, we had a funny challenge with HB30OK (operating from HB9CXZ). We both updated our actual score on cqcontest.ru every couple minutes – so the race was on 😉 We started a bit late on Saturday evening where we lost some important QSO’s, so after that we were always a bit behind them…

In the end we logged 758 QSO’s with a total score of 273’910 points. It was a good challenging contest and for sure next year we will participate again.

At the moment the plannings are ongoing for the H26 HF contest. We won’t work the CQWPX SSB from HB9EE this year, since HB9ELV has the possibility to join the RM5A team in Russia for this contest. Maybe I HB9EMP will operate as single OP one band during the day, depending on the personal workload.

Congratulations to HB30OK, and thanks to all the stations who gave us points.

73 de HB9EE

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