SSB Fieldday 2012 Report

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Last weekend we operated the IARU Region1 SSB Fieldday as HB9EE/p in the category Multi-OP High Power. On the rainy Saturday morning we built up the Antennas and the Station. Since we installed quite some material, we started a littlebit delayed. Our guest Operator HB9CVQ helped us alot with the preparation and his skills.

The Rates were very good during Saturday. We were on the way to beat our last year result. The night was also not too bad if we compare with the H26. But on Sunday morning the band was going down. 10 to 20 meter was not working well anymore, so the pileups disappeared. It seems that the Solar Storm also affected us. Luckely 40 and 80m was still working. Unfortunately on Sunday morning the Powersupply of the VL-1000 broke down. Since we had a second one we could replace it quickly and go on with the contest.

This year the participation from DL and G was again very high. Many /p Stations contacted us and gave us alot of points. In Switzerland not too many Stations were on air. USA and Japan were also around. At the end we logged 1140 QSO’s (2011: 1121 QSO’s) and this results in a total of 513,663 points (2011: 586764 points).If we check the result with all these circumstances, we are still confident with it. We also heard from other Stations that they struggled with the Sun and the weather, so we think the result is still ok.

Operators: HB9ELV HB9EMP HB9EPW and HB9CVQ

Thanks for all the support! The team was functioning and everybody did his best. The next contest will be the CQWW SSB in October. For this big one, we already started the planning of the Station, the coordination with the operators and we are at the moment developing some stuff to improve the Antennasystem.

73 de HB9EE

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