IARU HF Championship 160m SSB and 15m CW Report

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As last year, we went on air as HB9HQ for the IARU HF Championship. Since we could organise some good CW operators, we were able to operate additionally 15m CW.

Because of the great effort of HB9ELV, everything was planned perfect. For the 15m part we had a 5 el monobander on 26m and the Optibeam 9-5. For 160m we used an inverted-V, a dipole, a G5RV and a loop. As last year, we installed the beverages to North and East direction.

Like everybody, we were also afraid of bad propagation due to the solar flare. 15m was good, the rates were constantly around 100 Qso/h during day time. At the end we counted 1180 QSO’s on 15m (last year HB9HQ reached 552 QSO’s). The solar flare did not affect too much.

On 160m we were really struggeling. The band was very quiet and the HB stations were rare. Finally we reached 255 QSO’s on 160m (last year we could log 291 stations). The result is still ok, if we  compare to other HQ stations in Europe. It seems that 160m was very bad to many of us.

15m Operators: DJ3CQ Joe, DL1II Michael, DK2GP Karl.

160m Operators: HB9ELV Chris, HB9EMP Mischa, HB9EPW Wernie, DF5MA Andi.

From the other Swiss HQ stations we haven’t any news yet. If you have some results, let us know! 🙂

It was a nice weekend with a lot of fun, great discussions and excellent beer 🙂 We were happy that the equipment did a great job and Murphy stayed at home 😉 We want to thanks all guest operators for their great effort! We hope we meet you soon again!

73 de HB9EE

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IARU HF Championship as HB9HQ on 160m SSB and 15m CW

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