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Last weekend Chris HB9ELV and me HB9EMP participated the CQWW WPX SSB 2012 contest in the category Multi Operator – Single Transmitter. Since HB9EPW is on Holiday and we couldn’t find guest operators, we were only two OP’s. It smelled like 48 hours of fun 😉

The WPX is the first contest we operated from the HB9EE Clubstation in 2012. This time Chris organised some food – a big improvement to last time :p Peter HB9EPR helped building up the equipment and was one who visited us during the weekend. So at least we didn’t feel too lonely…

– Optibeam 9-5 at 12 meter
– 2-El for 40m at 26 meter
– Dipole for 80m
– Inverted-V for 160m
– Yeasu FT-2000D
– Yaesu VL-1000

On Friday evening we left our home and went on the hilltop, our friends knew that we will be off for the contest and that they won’t see us till Monday morning. The families kept the fingers crossed and were hoping that we break the 4 Million record of HB2CA in 1998.

Chris started into the night and was operating until 5:00 HBT. After that I started for a couple of hours. We always changed once one of us needed a break, we didn’t have a time planning or so. With only 2 Operators this wasn’t a problem at all. The one who wasn’t operating was responsible for food, gas in the generator and of course to sleep. During the 48 hours we were not talking alot with each other. Maybe we just gave some informations about the propagations. The propagation was especially good on the top bands. We could enjoy nice 10m openings from Asia to America and of course great Pile-Up’s into Japan and North America on 20m 15m and 40m. The Optibeam was doing a fine job, we are always surprised how well this antenna works. The lowbands were a bit hard but still we logged 517 Qso’s on 40m and the best 10 minutes of the contest were on 40m – a USA pile-up 🙂 In total we logged  1125 Prefixes which seems like another new Swiss record in WPX (the current one is also from us , 852 WPX, last year).  In total we logged 2677 QSO’s which results in an estimated score of 7’292’250 Points. We didn’t expect this at all. a new Multi-Single Record? 🙂 We were surprised when we saw the result at the end. Even our capacity in operating and energy was far away from being at it’s limit we reached that score.

Thanks to everybody who gave us points and visited us during the weekend! Also a special thanks goes to Peter for all the support even though you also had not alot of sleep! Since we are always just a handful of operators Chris openened a  Group on Facebook “Ham Radio Contest / Dxpedition Operator Sharing” to give everybody  a place to search for a contest operating possibility or stations who search operators – thank you!

The next Contest will be the “H26 Helvetia Contest” in April. The planning tasks started already today and for sure we will try to improve the equipment again 😉

73’s de HB9EE

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