CQWW SSB 2011 Report

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Last weekend we participated in the CQWW SSB 2011 in the Multi-Two Category. To operate 48hours, we asked some friends from Germany and Switzerland to help us. Finally Niko DD1MAT, Tom DK1GO, Thomas DL1TS, Bert DK1IR, Robert DL2MIJ, Jörg DG4NDV and the two Swiss Operators, Christian HB9ESS and Stefan HB3YYD appealed to attend and  build up the station. The planning and the preparation started already couple of monthes ago and the effort for this contest was huge. Unfortunately we could only start to build up at Friday afternoon. 10min before the contest started we were more or less ready to operate.

Thanks for the Pictures HB9DPO and HB9ELV


The propagation was amazing on the high bands. Especially on 10m the conditons were outstanding. For the setup we used:

160m: 26m Vertical and Full-Size Inverted -V
80m: 18m Vertical and Full-Size Inverted-V
40m: 2 Element Beam on a 30meter Big-Lift tower and a Dipole at 15meter
20m: 5 Element Monoband Beam Full-Size on a 25meter tower.
15m/10m: Optibeam 9-5 at 12meter
RX: Beverages in many directions 😉

TRX Equipment:
Station 1: Yeasu FT-1000MP, Yaesu VL-1000
Station 2: Yeasu FT-2000D, Yaesu VL-1000
and some filters.

Chris HB9ELV, Mischa HB9EMP, Wernie HB9EPW, Peter HB9EPR, Nadja, Ives, Mr Toni, Christian HB9ESS, Stefan HB3YYD, Niko DD1MAT, Tom DK1GO, Thomas DL1TS, Bert DK1IR, Robert DL2MIJ, Jörg DG4NDV,

In total we logged 4800 QSO’s with a total amount of 7’400’000 points.

During the analysation of the contest one day later, we realised that we made some mistakes regarding the spotting rules of the CQWW. HB9EE is a fair contest team, out of this bad happenings we decided to send the log as “Checklog”. So we will not be in the rankings but the other stations who worked us, don’t lose their points they got from us. Of course this  was disapointing every operator but for us it is important to follow the rules and respect the contest ethics. We are a young team and we still have to learn things.

We are looking forward to the next contest and of course, at the end of the contest, it is before the contest 🙂

Thanks for all the support and the points.
73’s de HB9EE

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