IARU HF Championship 160m SSB Report

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The contest started with just a few logs. It was difficult to catch many stations in the afternoon. In the evening it got  better. Unfortunately we had to disconnect the antennas about 9.00 HBT due to some local thunderstorms. After a 1.5h break we could rejoin. It was working quite good for this season. We could even log a QSO from Canada at early Sunday morning. During the full contest we had about S9 QRN which means that weak stations were difficult to work or even not receivable. We were hoping that it opens up to USA just before sunrise, but this wasn’t the case. Even with all these bad side effects we logged 290 QSO’s and 22 ITU HQ’s.

Call: HB9HQ
Operators: HB9ELV, HB9EPW, HB9EMP
Equipment: Yaesu FT-5000MP TRX, Yaesu Quadra System
2×42 meter dipole at 30 meters, 26 meter Vertical, Beverage antennas

At beginning we were not satisfied with the result when we finished on Sunday. Once we compared our score with the ones in the past, our opinion changed a bit. If we look back today with some nights of recovery, we must say that the result is good. We would also appreciate more support from the HB stations the next time. A special thanks to the ones who spotted us and helped us to gain some more points.

We hope that the we can operate again the next year’s IARU HF championship for HB9HQ.

PS: We had again some internet problem, we hope you could enjoy the livestream even with some time outs.

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